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Frequently Asked Questions

What is spam and what is this site all about?

Read our Introduction to find out!

Who are the people/organizations behind SPEWS?

The people behind SPEWS remain anonymous and host their list out of Russia to stay away from legal jurisdiction.

Are you a spam supporter?  Is that why you want SPEWS shut down?

No, we are not spam supporters.  In fact, we hate spam and have taken steps in our own network to get rid of it.  We want SPEWS shut down because it is run by a bunch of irresponsible cowards who have managed to convince the world's email administrators to use its blacklist -- a blacklist which contains organizations and IP addresses that have never sent spam or have not sent spam for a long time.  The fact that so many organizations use SPEWS makes it so that regular people's messages are never received by their intended recipients.  It is a regular disruption to legitimate business.  The very purpose and goal of the Internet and e-mail is being violated by SPEWS.

If you don't think SPEWS is a good way to stop spam, then what is a good way?

You can install software on your computer that will work with your e-mail reader to filter out spam.  If you use a free service like Yahoo! or Hotmail, those services have antispam controls that are effective.  And finally, if you must use a DNS based blacklist to filter out email at the server level, use the one provided by SpamCop, at

If SPEWS is so blatantly disrupting businesses, why hasn't someone sued them out of business?

The man who runs SPEWS lives in California, but the blacklist itself is hosted out of Russia.  We've talked to several lawyers, and the fact that its hosted out of the United States makes it very difficult to get it shut down.  While we are recruiting a legal team through this web site, it is our feeling that the only real solution will be to educate companies about what spam filtering techniques work and what techniques don't work.  After all, even if we could sue SPEWS out of business, nothing prevents another organization from springing up to take over where SPEWS left off.

Do you have any real evidence that SPEWS does more harm than good?

Yes.  See our Why you shouldn't use SPEWS for lots of evidence against SPEWS.

How can I help in your fight against SPEWS?

There are many ways.  First, you can register with us so that we know you support our cause.  Two, you can inform your current ISP and your current employer's e-mail administrator about us.  Three, if you are a lawyer, and willing to help us take legal action against SPEWS, then contact us.  Four, you can make a monetary contribution to AntiSPEWS.  Five, if you are recent convert against SPEWS, then let us know here.

Is this site secretly run by SpamCop, and is that why you are so pro-SpamCop?

Nope, we have nothing to do with SpamCop or the people behind SpamCop.  We are just big fans of their system because we've used it and know that it works to block a large amount of incoming spam from our networks.

What are you planning on doing with the money that you collect from your supporters?

Continuing to market ourselves through strategic advertising and public relations.  If we had an unlimited amount of money, then we could have already minimized the impact of SPEWS.  We could take ads out in all the magazines that e-mail administrators read.  We could launch a massive PR campaign backed by a PR firm to get press coverage.

How immediate is the threat posed by SPEWS?

Very immediate.  There are already too many misinformed companies using SPEWS as a means of filtering out spam.  Most of these companies do NOT know how SPEWS operates and has blindly decided to use SPEWS as a spam-filtering tool.  There is already too much legitimate personal and business e-mail being blocked because of SPEWS.  If that isn't convincing enough, SPEWS has plans to further its blocking initiatives to extend it to web sites, DNS servers, and other Internet services.


Spam is bad. SPEWS is worse.
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