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Is your company's e-mail server on the SPEWS blacklist and you are NOT a spammer?

If your IP addresses have been blacklisted by SPEWS and you have never sent spam, then you are eligible for AntiSPEWS outgoing e-mail services.

AntiSPEWS outgoing e-mail services works by providing you an outgoing e-mail server to which you can relay your organization's e-mail.  The AntiSPEWS outgoing e-mail server is not listed on SPEWS, and any e-mail sent from it can be guaranteed to reach its recipient.  The AntiSPEWS e-mail server is NOT an open relay.  It allows relaying from specified IP ranges which we define.  If your organization uses the AntiSPEWS outbound e-mail server, then we will whitelist your IP addresses so you can relay through our server.

There are two methods by which you can use the AntiSPEWS outgoing e-mail server to send e-mail.

1. EASIEST WAY - Set your existing e-mail server to use the AntiSPEWS e-mail server as a relay server.  This setting is also sometimes called a "smarthost" on e-mail servers.

2. Set your individual e-mail clients (Outlook/Outlook Express/Eudora, etc.) to use the AntiSPEWS outgoing e-mail server for the SMTP server.

AntiSPEWS outgoing e-mail services require monthly payment.  See the Pricing for more information, and if you're interested you must fill out the online application.

Within 24 hours after application, you will receive a notice of either:

a) approval, upon which you will be asked to send payment for the setup as well as the first month. Upon receipt of payment, you will be given the domain name to use for the outgoing e-mail relaying

b) rejection

c) request for more information, in which case you must provide the requested information within one week's time or else your application is cancelled.

Spam is bad. SPEWS is worse.
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