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Attention all e-mail and network administrators: Don't use the list provided by SPEWS ( to filter out e-mail.

The two goals of AntiSPEWS are to:

1) Urge network administrators NOT to use SPEWS

Using the SPEWS list will result in legitimate non-spam e-mail being blocked. If you are an e-mail or network administrator, see Why you shouldn't use SPEWS. Also see How to fight spam without using SPEWS.

2) Provide solutions to innocent companies affected by SPEWS

If you are an innocent company that has found its IPs to be blacklisted by SPEWS, then you should:

Use the "Did your message bounce?" feature to inform recipients of your e-mails that they are rejecting your e-mail.

Apply for AntiSPEWS Outgoing E-mail services, so that your legitimate outgoing e-mail isn't blocked by the SPEWS list.
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Register with AntiSPEWS so we can keep you informed of our progress against SPEWS.
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This site is a not-for-profit endeavor.  We simply seek to better the communication on the Internet via e-mail and to suppress an organization that very few are educated about but thousands of companies are affected by.  To learn about donating to this site go to our donate page.

Spam is bad. SPEWS is worse.
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